Boston Greek Geek

PC Repairs and custom builds

Rates & Services

Onsite Service

Don't want to be left without a computer? I can come to your location and repair your PC on-site. $100/hour,  one hour minimum, 15 minute increments after. Price includes wireless network setup if required. Email me to schedule an appointment (available evenings after 6pm and weekends). 50% deposit required prior to beginning work.

Email me at [email protected]  to schedule an appointment or use the Contact Me form

Offsite Services

$60 Pick up and Drop off fee (within 30 miles of my location. Email me for details). $65 Per hour. Billed in 15 minutes increments. Payment is due on delivery.

Email me at [email protected]  to schedule an appointment or use the Contact Me form

Custom Built Computers

The computers you buy in stores are not built with your requirements in mind. They are also packed with trial software, shareware and lots of other stuff you will never need, slowing down a NEW computer. I will prepare a free quote for you based on your brand preferences and requirements (work, home office, gaming) and install the best free applications to make sure your computer performs as it was intended to. No need to pay for expensive software to protect your computer when we will install exactly what you need with minimal cost to you.

Just fill in the order form and I will get back to you with a quote. If you have questions, feel free to ask me using the Contact Me section.


Choice of Applications


For $5 per software installation ($50 for all), your Custom built PC can come with installation of: 

   Office suite for all word,excel documents etc
2.   Antivirus, free for life and top antivirus, 
3.   Adaware for spyware removal, 
4.   Registry cleaning software, 
5.   IP Blocking software to protect your privacy, 
6.   Alternate web browser for safe web browsing, 
7.   Free Email client, 
8.   Firewall to protect from intrusions and trojans.
9.   Instant messenger for all I.M. needs (aim, msn, facebook, gchat, etc)
10. Media player for all divx, xvid and your dvd’s
11. PDF viewer
12. Flash player for playable web content
13. Photo editing software
14. Notepad for programmers
15. Java sdk client for all java applications on the net

16. Skype for videocalls
17. Your choice of software provided you have a genuine copy or wish to purchase it through myself.*

 Note: All software installed is free and readily available on the internet. I do not sell the software. I use my expertise to recommend the top available software for each application and provide the service of installing everything so your pc is ready for anything upon delivery.

 * If your choice of software includes several applications to be installed, they will be charged independently at $5 each.